Build your brand in Covid-19 (without breaking the bank)!

Build your brand in Covid-19 (without breaking the bank)!


Rescheduled Date:

Thursday 6th August 2020

11:30 am

We will be joined by guest speaker Mark Halliwell giving support to help you build your brand and saving money along the way!

Mark Halliwell is a multi-discipline creative who has worked with for a range of clients, from start-up’s and small business all the way up to large companies with hundreds of employees. He creates Brand Identities which connect consumers with businesses and websites that weave creativity with better ROI.

Mark will be talking about…

What’s in a brand, a pretty logo? some colours? or much, much more? In this talk, I’ll examine what makes a brand tick, and why brand matters for your business now more than ever. You’ll see behind the scenes expertise on agency-level process and discover the why and how you can build your brand without breaking the bank in Covid-19. Folio:

This is a free to attend Online meeting using Zoom meeting space

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