CABiz Networking Event Network on Purpose

CABiz Networking Event Network on Purpose

Myth or Real The Beast Of Exmoor John Holden The founder of CABiz Networking will be presenting his experiences whilst serving in the Royal Marines, he was task with hunting the BEAST of EXMOOR. Dead or Alive

John with a handful of Royal Marines snipers and experts in field craft where tasked to hunt and kill the BEAST of EXMOOR that was terrorising the North Devon livestock. This animal had killed over a 100 full grown Ewes before the Marines where called in.

Don’t miss out on this exciting Networking evening, and memorable talk with a twist. This story was the talk of the Nation and hit the TV & Media newspaper across the country, so much so that the Daily Mail put up a £25,000 reward for evidence. Thus a legend was born, many 1,000’s of people have sworn they have seen a big black cat cross their paths in the UK but never any physical evidence has been found. This has had the same elusive proof as Aliens, Fairy’s and the Loch Ness monster. So come along and make your own mind up with the first hand account by John Holden.

You Get What You Focus On Lorraine Stamp has over 20 years experience in Change, Transformation, and Personal Development, working small to large organisations. She now specialises in helping individuals and small businesses to develop and evolve… she has also made her own life changes to overcome adversity and start living her best life!

How big is your suitcase? And how heavy is it? Imagine this is your hindering thoughts and baggage holding you back… Lorraine will share her own personal story to convey some powerful, life-changing strategies in order to start living a life for you! Are you ready to travel lighter? You’ll know when you get there…



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