CABiz Online Networking Event – Network on Purpose

CABiz Online Networking Event – Network on Purpose

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Guest Online Speaker: Simon Hall

5 Clear and Present Dangers to your Family’s Wealth and Health

26TH May 2020 at 7pm



A brilliant talk from Simon Hall of Maplebrook Wills on how to keep your Wealth along with your Health. Simon’s uncanny ability, experience and knowledge with helping businesses and individuals approach the subject we all avoid DEATH! Simon helps you understand by helping you approach your’s and your family’s current situation when it comes to keeping your hard-earned assets and planning for your care in later life.

Business networking has changed – CaBiz Networking has changed – Zoom into the 21st Century

CABiz is all about creating results and opportunities from your networking. Ask yourself a question “Who taught you how to network”? Most of us are self taught, learning as you go. Many people just turn up at a networking event with no focus or understanding of how best to get the maximum results from their time.

At CABiz you get a simple, friendly, relaxed format that allows you to develop your relationships with other businesses and create the opportunities you need to achieve your success.




Tip: Log on early and familiarise your self with Zoom make sure your video/microphone is working
Your Host and Founder of CABiz John Holden will introduce the evening agenda, news, charity updates. Who’s in the room Name: Business: What your looking for.


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