Getting results from your Zoom networking

Getting results from your Zoom networking

Is Virtual Networking working for you? Join John Holden and find your fortune. As John says “The Fortune is in the Follow Up”

Tuesday 30th June 2020
19:00 – 20:30 

John’s presentation this month will be focused on how you get results from your Zoom networking & digital marketing. Networking as we know it has changed, and to get up to speed with creating results which lead to profits is key to your survival in business. Attracting business to you instead of you being the hunter is the way forward with your network. Remember the people with the biggest networks generate the most success. So find a way of reconnecting with all those people you’ve met in life and business so far. Connect with John and move your business for



Business networking has changed – CaBiz Networking has changed – Zoom into the 21st Century!

CABiz is all about creating results and opportunities from your networking. Ask yourself a question “Who taught you how to network”? Most of us are self taught, learning as you go. Many people just turn up at a networking event with no focus or understanding of how best to get the maximum results from their time.

At CABiz you get a simple, friendly, relaxed format that allows you to develop your relationships with other businesses and create the opportunities you need to achieve your success. ward.

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