In Partnership with NatWest: Business Builder Workshops 1 to 10

In Partnership with NatWest: Business Builder Workshops 1 to 10

Working with NatWest Business to help local businesses scale up and succeed.




Builder Workshop 1 – Tuesday 30th March 2021

09:30 ~ 10:30 am

We are very pleased to have secured a 10 week programme with NatWest Business to bring you a series of free workshops designed to help local businesses scale up and succeed. These really are great modules that most businesses would benefit from under the current economic climate.

Business Builder events are designed to support and challenge users to develop the right foundations for their business; whether that’s how to write a great pitch, how to define their Business Model or navigate through a changing environment.

Each 60-minute event is tailored to meet a specific business need, offering attendees an opportunity to upskill in the company of other like-minded business owners, share experiences, and work through individual and group exercises to implement the learning into their own business.

These workshops run every Tuesday for 10 weeks starting on Tuesday 30th March 2021 from 09:30am – 10:30am. Tickets can now be secured through Eventbrite for all workshops (see below for links).  It is recommended that attendees should try to attend the whole series of workshops to get maximum benefit.

This is the first of 10 modules and today we will be looking at the power of mindset.

The Power of Mindset

Whether we realise or not, our mindset shapes everything we think and do, including our business.

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6th April 2021

Business Builder Workshop 2 – Responding To Change

Change is often something we’re reluctant to do, especially when faced with circumstances beyond our control.


13th April 2021

Business Builder Workshop 3 – Understanding Your Customer

Understanding your customers is vital to your business being able to operate as efficiently and profitably as possible.


20th April 2021

Business Builder Workshop 4 – Reaching New Markets

We’ll explore some of the key tools to help you test and validate assumptions that you have made about your business and customers, whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your business.


27th April 2021

Business Builder Workshop 5 – Writing A Great 60-Second Pitch

If you haven’t got a clear pitch, you could be missing out on opportunities to grow your business


4th May 2021

Business Builder Workshop 6 – Managing Unexpected Growth

Effectively managing and forecasting growth is key to building a sustainable and resilient business.


11th May 2021

Business Builder Workshop 7 – Building A Resilient Business Model

Examine the 9 key areas of a business model and talk through the best practises for your business.


18th May 2021

Business Builder Workshop 8 – Pivoting Your Business Model

Embracing a culture of regular research, feedback and learning is crucial to developing a flexible and resilient business model.


25th May 2021

Business Builder Workshop 9 – Setting Goals To Keep Growing

Having a plan in place is critical to keeping your business moving forward. In this session we’ll look at creating a long-term vision for your business


1st June 2021

Business Builder Workshop 10 – Continuity & Resilience Planning

Building a resilient business is key to weathering any storms that might arise.


The workshops will take place via Zoom and the code / password for this will be released to attendees prior to the start by NatWest Business.


We look forward to ‘seeing’ you there.



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