Latest CJRS & SEISS Official Statistics published

Today these figures have been updated for a sixth set of official statistics.

The CJRS data provides analysis of claims up to 30 September, from applications submitted to HMRC by 31 October. It once again contains data by Local Authority and Parliamentary Constituency, and includes a snapshot of flexible furlough figures, broken down by region and business sectors.

There is also daily time series data showing furlough information and also point in time data for furlough on / as at 30 September.

Please note that claims can still be made for periods from 1 July (until 30 November) which means the CJRS data for July to September claims is subject to revision.

For the third time, SEISS data contains detail on the second grant of the scheme – SEISS 2, which covers the period of its opening on 17 August to claims received by 31 October. The information is broken down by age, gender, business sectors and regions down to Local Authority and Parliamentary Constituency level. There is also a summary of claims under each SEISS scheme.

The CJRS statistics published today can be found here:

The SEISS statistics published today can be found here:

An overview of CJRS and SEISS statistics can be found here:

The next release of the official statistics for CJRS is planned for December. 

The SEISS statistics won’t be updated until January 2021, due to the introduction of the third SEISS scheme, which opens for claims on 30 November.

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