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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To continuously deliver projects that assist and support Bridgwater business and to involve membership within lobbying and discussions about the future of business in the town.

The Chamber committee themselves are a group of local business people volunteering their time, and will deliver to its members a high return on investment for their membership fee by way of delivering short, medium, and long term opportunities for growing their businesses.

The Chamber represents all facets of the private sector from business-to-business suppliers, businesses selling to consumers, and businesses selling services to visitors of our town.  The chamber also represents not only the larger employers of the town, but also the many SMEs and single entrepreneurs that make up the majority of local enterprise.

Our mission is to provide an environment where all Bridgwater businesses can flourish and prosper in these times of economic recovery

As your chairman moving forward I will endeavour to represent the member’s wishes and help with driving the Chamber to achieve the above goals.

With the recent changes on the Chamber committee itself, I am confident we now have the right team in place to deliver the mission statement effectively over the coming months and years.  We are now an organisation strongly positioned to help our members communicate effectively with the various local governing bodies and organisations.  With help from the committee and the members I am positive that Bridgwater businesses will be able to share in the economic growth that is coming to the town over the next few years.

Whilst networking is a key part of Chambers activities, our intention is that we should not be recognised solely as a networking organisation, but strive to help keep a balance between networking and providing a true information & lobbying organisation.

Opening a new business is always very difficult thing to do most of all when new to the area. Linking up with the Bridgwater Chamber of Commerce was the best thing that we could have done. They really helped us get in touch with the right people to help move our business in the right direction.

Barnaby Kean | General Manager – Holiday Inn Express Bridgwater